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Empowerment Coaching

Immersive evolution coaching sessions

  • 72 hr
  • $133/hr
  • The Moth Queen Botanica

Service Description

This program is a full spectrum, intersectional, & vastly encompassing approach to self empowerment, connecting with your innate magick, and reframing your perspective in order to evolve. With 6+ year of experience, I use my personal mental health journey & medicine woman training to usher in growth and healing no matter what phase you're at in your life. This program is a deep dive into the spirit so some concepts cannot be easily articulated, but some of the main topics of focus are: - Shadow Integration & Trauma Processing: We all have old wounds and energetic clutter that is taking up space in our lives. Saying thank you to those painful lessons and letting them go is a form of honoring yourself while choosing the path of our highest health and joy. - Ancestral & Grief Work: A big part of the work that I do is helping people to connect with their spirit guides and ancestors. Most folks don't realize that we carry within us the histories and experiences of our ancestors, and vice versa. Our successes are also their successes. In this program you will be tasked with creating an ancestral altar to honor your roots, purify your relationship to death, & ultimately process through our personal grief. - Environmental Energy Management: Our environment is a major factor in the regulation of our mental health. In the program we prioritize setting up your space to be the most conducive to your growth. This means creating sacred space for each and every session together, and giving you tools to maintain it even afterwards. - Executive Function & Will Direction: When people start feeling stuck that is usually a sign of a stifled will. Our will (located at the solar plexus) is how we interact with the world around us, how we feel empowered and in charge of our lives. Together we can unpack what may be causing the energetic blockage and how to clear it so you can move freely through life, feeling unburdened. This program spans a minimum of 3 days, with sessions partially taking place within the client's space. Because of the intimacy of these sessions, anyone interested in booking this program must first complete a complimentary consultation with me via video, phone call, or in person. Email me at to set up your appointment or book here:

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please reach out 72 hours in advance as this session generally requires travel arrangements. At this time we do not offer refunds after services have been provided.

Contact Details

  • 191 Lyman St #320g, Asheville, NC, USA


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