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The Ancestor Ceremonial Flambeaux are infused with a potent and magickal blend of herbs, flowers, and oils all targeted at not only honoring your

ancestors but also clarifying the thin veil conditions for those that wish to commune with their ancestors.


Handmade with love and respect, these beeswax coated talismans can be cast into a ritual fire or laid out on your Ancestral altar.

Ancestral Offering Ceremonial Flambeaux

  • The ceremonial flambeaux are a one step ritual tool.

    They are intended to be thrown into a ritual fire (think bonfire, firepit, large cauldron, etc.).

    They are coated in beeswax so burning them as you would a smudge stick is not recommended since the wax could make a mess or become a fire hazard.

    They can also be used as altar talismans or offerings without ever being burned.

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