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Locally blown glass, hand encrusted and decorated by me. Each piece is one of a kind.


On the Ceremonial Use of Chillums:


According to an excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Psychedelic Plants by German athropologist Christian Rätsch:


"The chillum is the typical smoking device of sadhus and yogis, who use it constantly in their rituals of worship, meditation, and yogic practice.


A chillum is smoked not alone, by one person, but in a smoking circle (chilam chakri). One person fills the chillum with the smoking mixture and then hands it to the next person in the circle for lighting. The chillum is lit with two matches (which represent the masculine and the feminine poles of the universe). Before lighting the mixture in the chillum, the person holds the chillum against his or her forehead (the third eye) and utters a short formula (japa), usually “Bum Shankar!” This consecrates the smoke to the Hindu god Shiva.


 After the chillum has been started, it is passed around the circle, usually in a clockwise direction. When the chillum is “through,” its owner taps out the remnants of the smoking mixture and carefully cleans it with a piece of cloth."


Ceremonial Chillums

  • You must be age 18 to 21 (depending on your state) to buy a tobacco chillum.  These are for TOBACCO use only. You must be familiar with your local, state & national laws regarding the sale of tobacco accessories to purchase from this shop. The Moth Queen is not responsible for an illegal sale to your state. By making this purchase you agree to the laws in the area of which you reside. We do not ship to PA, or IA. The Moth Queen is in compliance with all local & state laws regarding the sale of tobacco accesories.

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