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Palo santo wood that has been hand coated with a mix of herbs and oils in beeswax to support the intention of: cleansing, clearing, consecrating, and purifying.

Cleansing & Clearing Ritual Flambeaux

  • As with White Sage, there are issues of environmental overharvesting and cultural insensitivities when it comes to particular  sacred smudge items. (As a person of North American Indegenous background I do not have as many cultural reservations with White Sage so much as environmental).

    Anywho, this Palo Santo was sourced from stumps that were given to me or were already in my posession that I chopped into workable pieces. The rarity of and my respect for this  sacred wood is reflected in the price and availability of the item. Once these are sold out, it is uncertain if I will be making more as I do not purchase Palo Santo. I appreciate your understanding, and feel free to email  me with any questions.

  • The ceremonial flambeaux are a one step ritual tool.

    They are intended to be thrown into a ritual fire (think bonfire, firepit, large cauldron, etc.).

    They are coated in beeswax so burning them as you would a smudge stick is not recommended since the wax could make a mess or become a fire hazard.

    They can also be used as altar talismans or offerings without ever being burned.

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