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This smoke blend is ideal for cultivating divine stillness. For all the hustle and hyperactivity of life, it is easy to neglect our right to rest and rejuvenation. The orange blossoms provide a warming, solar energy that couples nicely with the calming qualities of catnip and skullcap. I liken the experience to that of taking a (cat) nap in a sunny patch.


Alternatively (or should I say additionally) manifestation and receptivity are at their most effective during stillness. You could use this blend during money magick, house hunting, or any other ritual where you are bringing something to you.


Not too much of a smoker? Try using your herbal blend as:

  • Tea
  • Loose Incense
  • Dressing for your ritual candles


Locally made and black witch owned

Harmony & Stillness Ritual Smoking Blend

  • Damiana may not be suitible for those who are pregnant due to the concentrated alkaloids interaction with a developing fetus.

    Mugwort may not be suitible for those who are pregnant as it is a uterine stimulant.

    Use at your own discretion & consult with your doctor before use if need be.

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