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Crafted to work in tandem with our Kundalini Oil, this yoni steam is for those looking to ease the discomfort of a rising kundalini (you can read more about this on the Kundalini Oil page here) while also deeping your capacity to hold and wield your newly activated power. This is not your ordinary yoni steam lol.


The recipe (which is actually a reformulation of what I made during my first KR in 2022) was channeled on the Lunar New Year 2024 as we entered the Year of the Dragon. There is so much divine feminine snake energy in this mixture and I am very pleased with how it came out.


Plus, if for some reason yoni steaming is inaccesible to you, this steam can double as a ritual bath of even dressing for your candles. This blend is made up of 13 very potent sacred feminine botanicals such as Jasmine, Motherwort, Red Clover, & more.


Each bag is 1.5 oz 

Kundalini Yoni Steam (Lunar New Year 2024 Year of the Dragon Recipe)

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