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It's finally here, just in time for shadow work season...

Though the name speaks for itself, this Moldavite Oil contains a channeled recipe of transformation support and divine activation botanicals and a shard of genuine moldavite. 


What is Moldavite?

  • Moldavite is a rare mineral known as a tektite which formed as the result of a meteor crashing into Earth, fusing with the terrestial soil, flying up into the air, and cooling as a natural glass as it fell back down.
  • Though other tektites exist, Moldavite is specifically from the meteoritic impact site in the Czech Republic. The deep green hue is one such specific characteristic of this stone.
  • Around 2020 Moldavite's populariy skyrocketed due to a TikTok and the price for Moldavite increased drastically, creating a situation where the demographic of people who made the stone popular again could no longer afford it. Plus, the market was flooded with fakes.


Moldavite's energy ushers in powerful and rapid transformation support, self initiation & evolution, deeper and quickened spiritual advancements, and so much more. It's like the spiritual lubricant to make surrendering to the divine flow easier.


It is definately an intense stone with a very high vibration. Some people have been known to get dizzy/nauseous just from being around Moldavite or even passing out when touching it. We highly recommend checking in with your spirit guides & ancestors before inviting the medicine of this stone into your life.


When people have historically stagnant lives, this stone medicine can throw them into "percieved chaos" as it is a catalyst which speeds up growth. This flavor of intensity contributes to Moldavite's mysterious and mixed reputation.


As one of our favorite stones, this oil was created as a more accesible method for people to work with this powerful transformation aid.

Moldavite Oil

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