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Infused with cotton and tobacco that I grew myself, The Oldhead oil is an ancestor oil specifically made for those of us who are the descendants of slaves.


A lot of the conversations around ancestor work in the metaphysical community really skirts past the part where some of our ancestors were enslaves by others ancestors. This recipe was channeled while I was communing with my ancestors, on both sides of my family.


There are some very potent ancestral herbal correspondences for African slave descendants in this oil such as lemon verbena, cornsilk, & High John the Conqeror Root (who was a slave folk hero by the way) among others. Plus this infusion features genuine silver flake as an added offering.


It can be left as an offering, used to dress candles, annoint family heirlooms, and before family history story telling to remind your ancestors that they are not forgotten. 


Oldhead Oil

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