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Shungite is definately a staple for any high sensitive crystal user. It contains a complex carbon molecule called  (C-60) known as a Buckminsterfullerene or "Buckyball". As we are carbon based lifeforms, there has beena  lot of research into healing (both spiritual and physical) with shungite. 


Shungite is said to:

  • Balance out the sensitivities to EMFs, solar flares, & electro-sensitivity
  • Grounding, especially after high frequency experiences
  • Shielding/Warding/Protecting , particularly when out in public
  • Neutralizing of nightmares when place under the pillow
  • Detoxifying the body (think carbon filtering)*


These chips are a great size for mojo/gris gris bags, protection talismans, & gem elixirs*.


Petrosky Shungite (bagged)

  • Aa gem elixir is the process of infusing a beverage (generalaly water) witht he energy of a crystal. You can do this by placing water safe crystals into, underneath, or next to your liquid.

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