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Most magickal people across traditions are aware of the power of the word. This is why we have spoken and writtenn incantations. Historically you may find Dove's Blood ink (for benevolent workings), Bat's Blood Ink (for malevolent workings), & Dragon's Blood Ink (for any kind of workings).


Our Pixie Blood Ink is a potent all purpose energetic ink for any type of casting. She is made with botanicals such as Dragon's Blood Resin, Poppy Seeds, Cloves, & other ingredients wildcrafted from my own garden. This color changing resin applies a deep mauve tone & dries to a pigeon blue to cement your intention.


Write with your favorite feather, calligraphy pen, or finger on your petition papers. The ink can also be used to annoint ritual items to amplify their efficacy! As it is a ink, take care not to stain tables & fabrics but the formula is completely plant based and washes off of skin.


No Pixies Weree Harmed in the Making of this Ink!


.75 oz glass jars

Pixie Blood Ink

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