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The Sacred Circle ritual smoking blend is a ceremonial blend of Uva Ursi & Lemon Balm. Uva Ursi has a long history of being in multiple “Kinnikinnick '' which are Nativie American smoking blends. As a BIPOC person I actually crafted this blend for use with ancestor work. The Lemon Balm helps to inspire that deep feeling of gratitude while providing an uplifting quality appropriate for any sacred circle. This is definately my most grounding and "in your body" blend.


Not too much of a smoker? Try using your herbal blend as:

  • Tea
  • Loose Incense
  • Dressing for your ritual candles


Locally made and black witch owned

Sacred Circle Ritual Smoking Blend

  • Damiana may not be suitible for those who are pregnant due to the concentrated alkaloids interaction with a developing fetus.

    Mugwort may not be suitible for those who are pregnant as it is a uterine stimulant.

    Use at your own discretion & consult with your doctor before use if need be.

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